BIO: My name is Diego Gedoz de Souza, I am a self taught graphic artist from Brazil specializing in artworks for the music and fashion industries. I love arts since I was a child, and that made me get into the graphic design field. Later on I found myself especially interested in music related design. It was a natural progression, since I was (and still am) totally immersed in heavy metal and punk / hardcore. My focus is digital art, and all my artworks are created through photo manipulation and other techniques. So far, I worked with clothing brands, bars, record labels, websites and several bands from around the world, including some idols of mine. I believe that any kind of art is a totally free form of expression, and it does not need to be explained in words. I like to think the viewer has the power to absorb and interpret it, to give it meaning, to love or hate it. 

SERVICES: Album artworks, shirt designs, posters, etc.

CLIENTS: Hatebreed, Suicide Silence, Crowbar, Devourment, Jasta, Project 46, Aeternam, Necrotted, Anihilated, Optical Faze, The Silence, Against Tolerance, R.E.D., Cavera, Deceivers, Evil Syndicate, Tempo de Cinzas, Elephant of the Ocean, Searu, Ever-Frost, Monolith, Cranely Gardens, Hellshot, Into the Fire, Brian Larkin, Herois dos Dias de Hoje, Sumeru, Dias de Guerra, Setimo Round, Isolate, Caligo, Into the Dust, Coaggula, Libehria, What Awaits Us, Devoted to Your Monument, Invisius, Ariya, Dividium, Team Kill, Crashscan, Passing Paradise, Inhale, Sekht, Corrupted Omen, Incarnum, Lord Groselhator, Shorhummy, Serafini Morse, Sinera, Sephion, Netherbound, Ultima, Mystical Vision, Exits & Trails, Dias de Furia, Brutalitees, Hatewear Inc., Embora Clothing, Full Rock, 43% Burnt Records, ALC Apparel, Plinio Fran's Apparel, Bar Medusa
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