BIO: Graphic artist specializing in artworks for the music industry.

SERVICES: Album artworks, shirt designs, posters, etc.

CLIENTS: Cypress Hill, Suicide Silence, Hatebreed, Veil of Maya, Dead by April, Dee Snider, The Faceless, Crowbar, Devourment, Psycroptic, Jasta, Arkaik, Enterprise Earth, Kissing Candice, Necrotted, Aeternam, Sumeru, The Silverblack, Anihilated, Sacrificed Alliance, Brick by Brick, Wretched Tongues, Without Mercy, Reign of Z, Overt Enemy, Prey 4 Reign, Recall The Remains, Cranely Gardens, Watch Them Burn, Hellshot, Into the Fire, Brian Larkin, What Awaits Us, Sunless Dawn, Devoted to Your Monument, Invisius, Ariya, Dividium, Bless the Dead, Team Kill, Crashscan, Passing Paradise, Inhale, Sekht, Corrupted Omen, Elephant of the Ocean, Searu, Ever-Frost, Monolith, Savage Blood, Dethrone the Tyrant, Empyreal Sorrow, Seeker, Fabulae, Project 46, Optical Faze, The Silence, Against Tolerance, R.E.D., Cavera, Deceivers, Evil Syndicate, Tempo de Cinzas, Heróis dos Dias de Hoje, Dias de Guerra, Sétimo Round, Isolate, Caligo, Into the Dust, Coaggula, Libehria, Incarnum, Lord Groselhator, Shorhummy, Serafini Morse, Sinera, Sephion, Netherbound, Ultima, Mystical Vision, Dias de Fúria, Brutalitees, Hatewear Inc., Embora Clothing, Full Rock, Icons Creating Evil Art, 43% Burnt Records, ALC Apparel, Plinio Fran's Apparel, Bar Medusa
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